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Dave Hunt & The Berean Call

Bible Teaching Recordings

Light In The Darkness is the UK home for audio recordings and some video recordings of Dave Hunt. The Berean Call kindly provide us with masters and have given us permission to sell recordings of Dave Hunt and other recordings from The Berean Call.

If you are not in the United Kingdom and wish to order these recordings can we recommend that you order them from The Berean Call you will find that easier and possibly cheaper. There are just a few exceptions where recordings are only available from Light In The Darkness, they are indicated below.

Decide For Yourselves - 2008 Toronto Debates:
Hinduism vs. Biblical Christianity Dave Hunt vs. Dr Doobay
2 CDs £7.00 CD137
1 DVD (Budget Version) £7.00 DVD168

Decide For Yourselves - 2008 Toronto Debates:
Atheism vs. Biblical Christianity Dave Hunt vs. Dr diCarlo
2 CDs £7.00 CD138
1 DVD (Budget Version) £7.00 DVD169

Decide For Yourselves - 2008 Toronto Debates:
Islam vs. Biblical Christianity Dave Hunt vs. Shabir Ally
2 CDs £7.00 CD139
1 DVD (Budget Version) £7.00 DVD168

The Catholic Debates: Roman Catholicism: Is It Another Gospel? Dave Hunt vs. Gerry Matatics 3 CDs £10.50 – CD001

The Catholic Debates: Roman Catholicism: Is It Evangelical? Dave Hunt vs. Keith Fournier 2 CDs £7.00 – CD002

Roman Catholicism: A Biblical Perspective Dave Hunt 5 CDs £17.50 – CD003

A Woman Ride The Beast - Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD009

The Apostasy And The Rapture - Dave Hunt 2 CDs £7.00 – CD029 - This is one of Dave's most popular recordings.

The Catholic Debates: Roman Catholicism Church History: Can it be identified with the Early Church? Dave Hunt vs. Karl Keating 2 CDs £7.00 – CD032

The Catholic Debates: St Peter: Is he the Rock of the Catholic Church? Dave Hunt vs. Robert Fastiggi 2 CDs £7.00 – CD034

The Catholic Debates: Justification: Is it by Faith Alone? Dave Hunt vs. Robert Fastiggi 2 CDs £7.00 – CD035

The Catholic Debates: The Eucharist: Is it the Body and Blood of Christ? Dave Hunt vs. Robert Fastiggi 2 CDs £7.00 – CD036

The Book of Colossians Dave Hunt 3 CDs £10.50 – CD041

Debate: Are We Living in the Last Days? Dave Hunt vs. Gary DeMar 2 CDs £7.00 CD050

Where Will You Spend Eternity? A Study Through the First Epistle of John Dave Hunt 4 CDs £14.00 – CD051

Prophecy as Proof Dave Hunt 4 CDs £14.00 CD053

The Catholic Debates: Roman Catholic Salvation: Is it Affirmed by the Bible? Dave Hunt vs. Robert Sungenis 2 CDs £7.00 – CD057

Speaking of Scriptures Dave Hunt 5 CDs £17.50 CD061

The Pretrib Rapture: Is It In The Olivet Discourse? Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD062

Who Holds the Future? Dave Hunt 3 CDs £10.50 – CD066

An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD067

The Gospel That Saves Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD069

The Nonnegotiable Gospel – Written by Dave Hunt Read by Gary Carmichael 1 CD £3.50 – CD070

A Third Millennium of Christianity? Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD072

Debate: Is Calvinism Biblical? Dave Hunt vs. Dr. James White 1 CD £3.50 – CD073

What God Cannot Do Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD074

Reformed Theology in the Light of Scripture Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD076

This is Islam Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 2 CDs £7.00 – CD082

In Christ Jesus – A Study Through the Book of Ephesians Dave Hunt at Word of Life 3 CDs £10.50 – CD086

What About Mary?An Examination of the Catholic Teachings About Mary Dave Hunt, T.A. McMahon & Jim Tetlow 2 CDs £7.00 CD087

Christ Betrayed by Friends Today Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD089

Debate: Christ’s Atonement – “Limited” vs. “Whosoever will” Dr Joseph Pipa vs. Dave Hunt 2 CDs £7.00 – CD090

Conversations on Calvinism Dave Hunt, Doug VanderMeulin & Steve Watkins 2 CDs £7.00 – CD091

What Love is This? Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 CD092

Islam & Today’s Christianity Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 2 CDs £7.00 – CD094

“The Passion of the Christ” A discussion of the film by Mel Gibson Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 CD101

God is Love Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD102

Countdown to the Second Coming Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 5 CDs £17.50 – CD104

Loving God Dave Hunt 4 CDs £14.00 – CD107

A Cup of Trembling – Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 10 CDs £35.00

Seeking & Finding God Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 5 CDs £17.50 – CD109; 1 MP3 £11.50 – CDMP3109

A Look at The Purpose Driven Life Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 4 CDs £14.00 CD110; 1 MP3 £9.50 – CDMP3110

Seeker Sensitive or Self-Seeking? Dave Hunt 2 CDs £7.00 CD112

Judgement Day! Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 CD113

Beyond Seduction Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 8 CDs £28.00 – CD114; 1 MP3 £16.00

The Driven Church – Where’s it Going? Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD116

Bless The Lord O My Soul (Ps 34) Dave Hunt 1 CD £3.50 – CD121

The Deceitful Heart Dave Hunt 2 CDs £7.00 CD122

The Gospel of John Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon 3 MP3 discs Special Price £17.50

TBC Conference 2006The Seduction of Christianity Today Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon, Greg Durel & Martin & Deidre Bobgan 1 MP3 disc £18.00 – MP3125

Dave Hunt in York, (These four recordings are not available from The Berean Call)
1. Bible Prophecy & Islam 1 CD £3.50
2. The Truth About Israel 1 CD £3.50
3. Prophecy & Islam 1 CD £3.50
4. Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy 1 CD £3.50
4 CD set £14.00; 1 MP3 £9.50

In Defence of the Faith Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon
1 MP3 disc £20.00 CDMP3098
35 hours of audio teaching on one CD in MP3 format. This audio will strengthen the faith of believers and assist in witnessing.

When Will Jesus Come? Dave Hunt & Tom McMahon - A radio discussion of Dave's book looking at the compelling evidence for the soon return of Christ. In 41 parts on 1 MP3 Disc £18.00 MP3128

TBC Conference 2007Judgement Day Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon, Randall Price, Shimon Erem & Walid Shoebat 1 MP3 disc £18.00 – MP3131

Psychology & The Church - A Radio Discussion of Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon's book. A Search the Scriptures Daily Radio presentation with Dave Hunt & T. A. MacMahon 1 MP3 disc £18.00 – MP3130

The Secret - A Radio Discussion of the best-selling book. A Search the Scriptures Daily Radio presentation with Dave Hunt & T. A. MacMahon 2 CDs £7.00 – CD1

Remember all prices for CDs, MP3s and Tapes include P&P within the United Kingdom.

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