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Keith Parker

Bible Teaching Recordings
Keith Parker at York Cemetery Chapel

There are teaching notes for a number of Keith's recordings.  You will find the link to download the notes alongside the recordings they accompany.  If there are notes that you cannot find you can contact us to see if we have notes to accompany the recordings.  All notes are PDF format.

Due to work on updating the website not all the links are currently working.  We hope to remedy this shortly, but please be patient with us.  Should you require any notes urgently you can email a request and we will send them by email as an attachment.

We are slowly re-mastering Keith's older recordings, these are regularly being added to the list.

Though we try to discourage sales of cassettes we can make most of Keith's recordings available on cassette if you need them.  There are a small number of titles that are not available on cassette.

"Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.   Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

Psalm 37:3,4  KJV

2 Corinthians 13 - Profession or Possession - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP001

The Feast of Trumpets - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP002

Jesus as Messiah, Priest & King - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP003

Jesus the Passover Lamb - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP004

The Tabernacle - Keith Parker
Part 1: The Tabernacle
Part 2: The Altar, Incense & Prayers
Part 3: The Ark of the Covenant
3 CDs £10.50 KP005 - 3 Talks on one MP3 CDRom £7.00

The Righteousness of God - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP006

2 Thessalonians 1- The Day of Christ and the Great Divide - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP007

Trusting God - Psalm 34 - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP008
An excellent encouraging word about trusting God and praising God in difficult times following the example that David set for us.

Gog & Magog - Ezekiel 38 - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP009

Jesus, Light to the Gentiles - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP010

Jesus, Glory of Israel - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP011

KP010 & KP011 are intended to be sold together but are available separately

Israel & The Shaking of the Nations - Keith Parker 2 CDs £7.00 KP012

The Kindness & Severity of God - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP013

God Uses the Remnant - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP014

Strange Fire & The Remnant - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP015

KP014 & KP015 are intended to be sold together but are available separately

The History of the Church In England - Keith Parker 3 CDs £10.50 1 MP3 £7.00 Printed notes £2.50 KP022
Download the notes here KP022-notes

The History of the Early Church - Keith Parker 6 CDs £20.00 1 MP3 £13.00 Printed notes £2.50 KP023
Download the notes here KP023-notes + Index

The History of the Early Church & The History of the Church in England Keith Parker 1 MP3 £18.00 Includes notes. KP022+23

Israel: Past, Present & Future - Keith Parker 4 CDs £14.00 1 MP3 £9.50 Includes notes. Printed notes £2.50  KP024
Download the notes here KP024-notes

The Experiences of a Pastor - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP025

Keith gives an honest and amusing account of his time as a Pastor and the changes he has gone through.

Bethlehem, House of Bread - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP026

Jerusalem, Jesus & The Jews - Keith Parker 1 CD (2 talks) £3.50 KP027

The Fourfold Fulfillment of Tabernacles - Keith Parker

This is an excellent talk on the history and prophetic significance of Tabernacles, explaining how this feast has been prophetically fulfilled and how the final fulfillment of Tabernacles will come to pass at the return of Christ. CD £3.50 KP028

The Church & Israel - Keith Parker:
Part 1: Roots of the Church
Part 2: How the Gentiles came into the Church
Part 3: The Restoration of Israel
3 CDs £10.50 KP029

The Glory of God - Keith Parker:
Disc 1: The Glory of God in the Old Testament
Disc 2: The Glory of God in the New Testament

2 CDs £7.00 KP030

The Woman, The Dragon & The Manchild - Keith Parker
an examination of the interpretation of Revelaiton 12 - 1 CD £3.50 KP031

Famine of the Word of God - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP032

The Trinity - Keith Parker:
Part 1: The Old Testament Roots
Part 2: The Person and Deity of Jesus Christ
Part 3: The Person and Deity of the Holy Spirit

The Trinity is foundational to the Christian faith and Keith gives a strong Biblical defence for the Trinity which he makes simple to understand - this is essential listening!!
3 CDs £10.50 KP033 (Cassettes can be made available on request)
3 Talks on one MP3 CDRom £7.00 (Notes included)
Download the notes here KP033-notes

Letters to the Churches - Keith Parker:
3 CDs £10.50 KP034
3 Talks on one MP3 CDRom £7.00 (Notes included)

Hanuccah - Keith Parker
Keith gives an excellent explanation of the significance and the history of Hanuccah (Hanukkah) which began during the time of the Maccabees in the period of time between the Old and New Testament history. Though the main references to this feast are found mainly in the Old Testament Apocrypha and the Talmud we do still find one reference to it in the New Testament in John 10:22 where it is referred to as the "feast of dedication". These talks show Keith's great understanding of history, and his explanation of the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 8 will encourage and strengthen the faith of many.
Part 1: Profanation & Dedication
Part 2: Daniel 8

2 CDs £7.00 KP035 (Not currently available as MP3)
Download the notes here KP035-notes

New Heavens, New Earth & New Jerusalem - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP036

A Thousand Year Reign - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP037

Hope for a Tree, Hope for Israel - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP038

The Sign of Jonah - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP039

The Virgin Birth - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP040

Psalm 119:57-64- Living in Newness of Life - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP041

"Kingship" Saul & David - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP042

Jehoshaphat the king - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP043

The Emmaus Road - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP044

God's Faithfulness to Israel - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP045

Seminar on Replacement Theology - Keith Parker 2 CDs £7.00 KP046

In this seminar the idea that the Church has now replaced Israel in Bible prophecy is well refuted. A useful defence for the literal interpretation of the Bible prophecies concerning Israel.

Romans & The Jews - Keith Parker:
6 CDs £20.00 KP047
6 Talks on one MP3 CDRom £13.00 (Notes included)
Download the notes here KP047-notes

Israel at 60 - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP048

God's Faithfulness to Israel - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP049
Download the notes here KP049-notes
KP048 & KP049 are similar but you may find that it is still worth listening to both.

The Blood of Christ - Keith Parker
3 CD set £10.00 KP050, MP3 £7.00 includes notes KP050MP3
Download the notes here KP050-notes

A Thousand Shall Fall - Keith Parker 1 CD set £3.50 KP051

This is Jerusalem, I have set it in the midst of the Nations - Keith Parker
1 CD set £3.50 KP052
Download the notes here KP052-notes

Prayer For Israel Prayer & Bible Day with Keith Parker
at Lincoln Saturday 21st February 2009

How Shall We Pray? Israel's Present Need - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP053
Download the notes here KP053-notes

John's Vision of the Glory of God - Revelation 4 - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP054
Download the notes here KP054-notes

Betrayal, Mark of the Last Times - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP055
This is a very significant and important recording concerning Israel and Evangelical Christians who are betraying believers in Israel and Gaza.

Jewish Roots & The Real New Testament
Jewish Roots & The Real Jesus - Keith Parker
2 CD set £7.00 KP056
Please note the first of these two recordings is not to our normal sound quality, but is still clear enough to listen to, and also a very significant message well worth hearing. If a suitable alternate version of this recording becomes available anyone having purchased the original recording can claim a replacement free of charge on request.

The Treasure, The Pearl & The Dragnet - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP057

Jerusalem Set In The Midst Of The Nations - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP058

Lessons from the kings - Keith Parker
Session 1: Saul KP059-1
Session 2: David KP059-2
Session 3: Solomon KP059-3
Session 1: Rehoboam, Abijah & Asa KP059-4
Session 2: Jehoshaphat KP059-5
Session 3: Jehoram, Ahaziah & the usurper Athaliah KP059-6
Session 1: Joash & Amaziah KP059-7
Session 2: Uzziah & Jotham KP059-8
Session 3: Ahaz & Hezekiah KP059-9

CDs £3.50 each or £10.00 for 3
MP3 will hopefully be available in August 2010
For the remaing teaching days on the kings please check the events page.

God's Abhorrence of Mixture - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP060

The Feast of Tabernacles & Its Fulfillments - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP061

Heralding The Coming Of The Lord - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP062

Psalm 2: God's Anointed is Appointed - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP063

The Feast of Tabernacles - Shavout - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP064

Names Written in Heaven (The Lamb's Book of Life) - Keith Parker
1 CD £3.50 KP065

The Centrality of Messiah in the Feasts of The Lord - Keith Parker
1 CD £3.50 KP066

Isaiah 4 & 5 - Keith Parker 1 CD £3.50 KP067

Daniel's 70 Weeks - Keith Parker 6 CDs £20.00 KP078
1 MP3 CD-ROM £13.00
The first three discs concentrate on the 70 Weeks whilst the following three look at other issues from the book of Daniel, some related to the 70 Weeks.  We do not expect that everyone will agree with Keith's conclusions, interpretation of prophecy is often controversial.  We do though hope that it will inspire you to think more carefully and soberly about the issues and to study the scriptures yourselves.

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