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We hope these links will provide a helpful resource.  If you would like to recommend a link please e-mail us.  We want to provide a list of sites that are Biblically sound and will be of great benefit and encouragement.

e-Sword Home

e-Sword software provides a vast wealth of resources for Bible study free of charge. This software provides you all you need for your study of the Bible. There are a few extras that you will have to pay but all you need for good Bible study is available free. There is also the pocket edition available for use with handheld devices.

e-Sword LIVE

You can also get all the features on e-Sword online.  Just register on the e-Sword Live website and you can use e-Sword anywhere you can access the internet.  This can be very useful if you are using a netbook with limited memory, you can still use all the feature of e-Sword without having to install it, saving you memory.

Pocket e-Sword Home
You can also take e-Sword with you wherever you are with the Pocket version of e-Sword.  Pocket e-Sword is no longer being devoloped and there is no longer any support for it, but you can still download and use the software.
Olive Tree Bible Software - Do you have a PDA, Smartphone, iPhone, or iPod? Olive Tree provide a wide range of Christian e-books with the reader and Bible software for hand held devices with over 150 titles free of charge.  This is an excellent alternative to the Pocket version of e-Sword and is available for nearly all pocket devices.  There are a number of handheld devices that e-Sword Pocket PC is not compatible, Olive Tree have made their software compatible with a lot more devices.  Olive Tree is particularly good with Palm devices and now works with nearly all the latest mobile phones including the iPhone.

Christian Alliance Ministries - Light In The Darkness has very close links with Christian Alliance Ministries.  Christian Alliance Ministries provides fellowship, teaching and support for those who cannot find the much needed fellowship in their own area.

Christian Concern For Our Nations - A highly valuable ministry for keeping Christians informed on what is happening, especially politically, in our nation. You will find some very useful information to help you know how to pray for our nation. You will also find out what you can do to help bring about change in our nation.

Light For The Last Days - Tony Pearce's website and home of the Light For The Last Days quarterly publication. There is a wealth of information on this site on current events around the world.

Spiritual Research Network - Founded by Chris Lawson, this website provides an extensive resource of research into the many different false teachings coming against the Church today. If you need to check something out SRN is a good place to start.  This is one of the most useful discernment websites.

The Berean Call - Website for Dave Hunt's ministry.

Rapture Day - Brian Gemmell's website of endtimes news and Bible Teaching.

Olive Tree Ministries - Jan Markell provides an excellent resource, including a weekly radio program.  Here you will find reliable and sober information on what is happening in the Church and the world.

Understand The Times International - The website for the ministry of Roger Oakland.  An International Missionary Outreach Dedicated to Evangelizing the Lost  and Equipping the Church for Discernment.  Monitoring The News from A Biblical Perspective.

NPN Videos - An excellent source for sound Christian DVDs as well as a range of good Christian books.  The programmes that NPN produce themselves are of extremely high quality.  

Watchmen On The Walls Video Ministry - a selection of Christian videos to purchase or hire.

Creation Science Movement - The oldest Creation Science organisation in the World, founded in 1932. They send out a quarterly newsletter to members for only £10.00 a year. They also sell a good selection of Creation Science books, DVDs etc.

Creation Research UK - The UK website for John MacKay offering a variety of resources supporing Biblical Creation. You will also find an itinerary for John Mackay's UK visits.

Institute for Creation Research - Founded by the late Henry Morris ICR is actively involved in scientific research which demonstrates that the Biblical record of a literal 6 day creation is supported by science. You can also sign up for their daily devotional e-mail which I highly recommend (the majority of which were written by Henry Morris).

Hephzibah in Marlow - Hephzibah hold frequent meetings with some excellent Bible teachers.  If you are looking for good sound Bible teaching do check them out.

Trinitarian Bible Society - The one Bible Society supporting the Received Text (Textus Receptus TR). You can find an excellent collection of articles on Bible translations. They also sell a variety of King James Version Bibles (and Bibles in other languages) as well as tracts, calendars and more. They also send out a magazine four times a year free of charge.

The Bible For Today - Here you will find one of the most extensive resources of information on Bible translations.

Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop - A good range of Christian Books and Bibles at significantly discounted prices.

Book Aid - A great source for second-hand Christian books. There are four shops in the British Isles. You can also donate books to them so they can provide Christian Bibles and literature to those in need in other countries.

Englsea Brook Chapel - A Primitive Methodist Museum that sells second-hand Christian books and holds sales of second-hand Christian Books around the country.

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries - This ministry, headed up by Martin & Deidre Bobgan shows the dangers of using secular psychology and psychotherapy in the Church.

Christian Witness Ministries - The home of the publication Contending Earnestly for the Faith, the ministry founded by Philip Powell

David Powell - Pastor David Morgan Powell was a great influence to many. Born in 1909 he passed into the presence of the Lord on the 25th February 2001, aged 91. This website gives a brief insight into his history and you can read the full text of his outline of the Gospel of John.

Media Spotlight - Since 1977 Media Spotlight has been a sound voice speaking out about errors in the Church and areas of great concern in the secular media.

Israel Photos III - A collection of photos from Israel with descriptions of scenes and sites pertinent to the study of Christianity.  This is a fascinating site which provides a great resource of photographs of Israel.  The photographs are linked to Bible narrative and help to better understand the Bible.

More links, e-mail us with your suggestions.

Find a link that doesn't work, please let us know.

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